Nearly two years after the ornate canopy that had fronted the historic Greysolon Plaza in downtown Duluth for nearly 90 years collapsed, it is back.

As grand as ever.

And although it was totally reconstructed, it looks exactly like it did before.

The original canopy had elaborate terra cotta decorations that dated back to the building’s opening in 1925 as the Hotel Duluth. The canopy collapsed on the night of Dec. 28, 2013, likely due to a buildup of snow, coupled with age and wear-and tear.

Owner Sherman Associates vowed to bring it back. But it took a while to do it right and was expected to cost about $500,000. After months of research, crews working on the project opted to rebuilt the canopy with new materials, including newly fashioned terra cotta. They used salvaged pieces to match colors and replicate designs.

Starting with installation of the metal frame for the new canopy, the on-site reconstruction began in June. Over the months that followed the newly fashioned terra cotta was installed in phases, along with the roof, lighting in the canopy’s ceiling and accompanying electrical work. The work wrapped up in recent weeks with the addition of the new Greysolon Plaza sign with letters that look like the old sign.