Name: Second Look Books

Owner: Pennie Turcott

Where: 1925 W. Superior St., Duluth

Employees: 1

When founded: This month 13 years ago

What the business does: Sells all sorts of used fiction books and jigsaw puzzles. Fiction authors old and new are available, including John Steinbeck, Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Norah Roberts and Tom Clancy. She also sells a variety of audio books, children's books and jigsaw puzzles.

What's surprising: With between 30,000 and 35,000 items -- and most books selling for just a few dollars each -- it might be the cheapest used bookstore in the city. That might be because Turcott views the store more as a hobby than a job. She also naturally lovesto talk about books with customers. Turcott also gives people store credit for books they bring in.

While suspense and mystery novels are always good sellers, lately romances involving vampires and werewolves have been growing in popularity as well. "They sell like hot cakes," she said. Classics still have a steady following, she said.

To learn more: Call (218) 723-1366