The Minnesota Slip Bridge - the blue pedestrian drawbridge linking the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center to Canal Park - is broken again and will remain up, and therefore closed to pedestrians, through the weekend.

The City of Duluth Public Works and Utilities Department has identified problems with the cable system, the city said in a news release. It will stay in the up position this weekend so that boat traffic can enter and exit the Minnesota Slip.

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The bridge has been plagued by malfunctions since it was built in 1991. It broke down immediately after its grand opening, and has been closed numerous times since.

Last July, problems with the bridge's brakes - which hold it in place when raised - caused it to shut down on a busy weekend when the Reggae and World Music Festival was going on in Bayfront Festival Park, the Duluth Music and Maritime Festival in Canal Park and the Duluth Kennel Club's annual dog show at the DECC.