723 N. 10th Ave. E., Michael Meyer purchased from Nicholas Adams for $100,000, residential, 10/08.

715 E. 10th St., Independent School District 709 purchased from Wing & Associates LLC for $177,000, residential, 10/08.

918 E. 11th St., Diane Roselyn Anderson purchased from Michael and Heather Michelizzi for $83,000, residential, 10/08.

315 S. 60th Ave. W., Erik Makela purchased from James M. and Judith A. Snow for $106,500, residential, 10/08.

1305 99th Ave. W., Paul and Barbara Habighorst purchased from Jean M. Olson for $95,000, residential, 8/08.

205 Bluffs Ridge Court, Mark J. and Lani J. Bruzek purchased from Rapid River Development LLC for $329,900, residential, 10/08.

4603 Colorado St., Michael G. Jobin and S. Bjornson purchased from Ryan Abel and Dawn Valure-Abel for $175,000, residential, 10/08.

1808 Denim St., Aaron R. Talus and Elisa R. Weiss purchased from Kyle F. Schweigert for $227,000, residential, 10/08.

607 N. First Ave. E., Jessica J. Heinen purchased from James B. Croud and Kim Buckananga for $114,000, residential, 10/08.

13408 W. Fourth St., Bradley Nelson purchased from Michelle Ruhnkey for $115,000, residential, 7/08.

3710 W. Fourth St., Gail N. Dahlstrom purchased from Kay L. Hasner for $67,000, residential, 10/08.

102 E. Fourth St., Hurlbut-Zeppa Charitable Trust purchased from Grand Central Market LLC for $580,000, commercial (with buildings), 10/08.

2122 W. Fourth St., Vince Vanheuvelin purchased from Deutsche Bank Trust Co. of America for $50,000, residential, 6/08.

9900 Hudson Blvd. 200, Gary T. and Karma L. Mason purchased from Durward J. and Peggy A. Hegna for $155,000, residential, 10/08.

614 W. Ideal St., Chad J. and Kimberly Oppelt purchased from Beverly A. Stresow for $193,000, residential, 10/08.

308 W. Morgan St., Timothy J. and Barbara J. Hultman purchased from Cathleen Smolnikar Revocable Trust for $185,000, residential, 10/08.

2011 E. Ninth St., John J. and Toni T. Center purchased from Maryruth M. and Terry Hallenbeck for $180,000, residential, 10/08.

4612 Oneida St., John K. and Becky A. Hogan purchased from Patricia A. Holliday for $160,000, residential, 10/08.

2207 W. Second St., Andrea K. Smith purchased from Carrie A. Boberg for $87,500, residential, 10/08.

1707 Stanford Ave., Jeffery J. Johnson purchased from Jack C. House for $140,000, residential, 10/08.

7025 E. Superior St., Derek McCorison purchased from Burrell J. Draper for $132,000, residential, 10/08.

3011 E. Superior St., Michael D. and Shari A. Monahan purchased from John J. and Toni T. Center for $270,000, residential, 10/08.

2512 W. Third St., Joseph Lofald purchased from James A. and Julie A. Willeck for $149,900, residential, 9/08.

1510 E. Third St., Mark and Emma Lehman purchased from HSBC Bank USA for $72,000, residential, 7/08.

8120 Vinland St., Michael Sawyer and C. Ellingson purchased from Norman Malvick for $124,000, residential, 10/08.

Bare land, Gary F. and Sandra E. Winklesky purchased from Tom W. and Doris A. Greer for $2,000, residential -- bare land, 10/08.