Shelby Vittorio won recognition from U.S. Bank recently for her successful efforts toward client development and revenue growth. Vittorio works at the Duluth Miller Hill office across from Best Buy. She won her third U.S. Bank Pinnacle award this year, given for 2011 business activity.

"Branch managers are responsible for growing the business in the individual branches as if it's our own business," said Vittorio, who is charged by U.S. Bank with developing deposit revenue, loan revenue and fee income.

Mark Allison is District Manager for U.S. Bank in Duluth. Vittorio reports directly to him.

"Pinnacle awards go the top ten percent of managers in all of U.S. Bank. Her contributions to U.S. Bank have been endless. The award offers a weekend recognition event with the company CEO that goes over really well. It's a really prestigious award," said Allison, referring to the recognition event that took place in Washington, D.C. this year.

Allison also cited Vittorio's ability to keep her team focused on internal performance goals, while working outside the branch office helping small businesses and other community entities that need banking advice, as another reason that she is very deserving of recognition.

Vittorio has been with the Miller Hill office for 16 years where she is currently Community Branch Manager and Assistant Vice President. She attributes her success to her team of bankers who skillfully use their innate talents.

"We really try to make sure everyone is focusing on their own strengths. We have people doing the things that they like to do and are good at doing, and we try to maintain a team that is well-rounded in all the different aspects of running a business, and we try to have fun at work," said Vittorio.

U.S. Bank monitors franchise success on a quarterly basis, awarding Pinnacle recognition to those managers who have demonstrated measurable growth each quarter as well as over a year's time, so the award is not a surprise when the announcement comes.

Michelle Fog serves the branch office as a personal banker and has worked for Vittorio for two years.

"She's a great resource to tap into for knowledge, and she handles customer concerns really well. She does a wonderful job making sure that we're all recognized for the jobs we do through small gifts, appreciation lunches and things like that," said Fog.

When Vittorio is away from her desk, she can be found at both Hermantown and Duluth Chamber of Commerce endeavors, or meeting with fellow Minnesota Ballet board members, which allows her to step away from the numbers for a while.