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Brandon Veale

Sports Editor

Brandon Veale resumed a career devoted to local sports when he took over as sports editor at the DNT in 2021. Before that, he had been a sports writer and editor in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for eight years before coming to Duluth to serve in a variety of page designing and editing roles.

Outside the arena, Brandon enjoys good food, being musical and practicing his Christian faith.

So I said in September that the Packers would go 13-4 and the Vikings would go 7-10. Oops.
The Thunderhawks will move on to a state quarterfinal on Wednesday evening at Xcel Energy Center.
The Packers played on Sunday in London. During church.
Several of the early stories from the 2022-23 season have shown that student and adult leaders can build trust in high school athletics throughout the Northland.
Even with a new coach, the Vikings have a way to go.
I think I had probably come from farther away than the 312 spectators at Mousehole AFC's FA Cup Extra Qualifying Round Replay, but I might have been from as close as anyone.
The worst thing about having a bad bullpen is how there's often no way to make up for it.
Mike Locker was the senior champion.
The Cloquet native is planning on playing the state amateur tournament and possibly the Arrowhead Invitational before enrolling at Florida Gulf Coast University.
Let's take a look back at the school year of 2021-22.