Adelie Bergstrom

Adelie (Her name rhymes with "Natalie") is a former News Tribune reporter who continues to write the Northlandia column on a freelance basis. She's also an artist, photographer and fine-art model. She's a girl of the North with a love for Scandinavia, the Northern Lights, quirky films and anything mid-century.

Few remnants of the Fond du Lac Winter Sports Center remain today.
Like Skyline Parkway itself, the tale of Seven Bridges Road is disjointed.
Various sources give various dates for Gnesen Township’s founding, but it was in the 1860s and 1870s that Polish settlers came to the area.
Three bits of road, two questionable fires and one family's business. The Old Howard Mill Road mostly has been lost to history, but there's still a story to tell.
Consider this your own personal peek inside the art deco building on the corner of Superior Street and Garfield Avenue. We at Northlandia are delighted to oblige.
Duluth removes between 50,000 and 100,000 cubic yards of snow from the city's busier streets each year. That snow has to go somewhere — and no, it's not dumped into Lake Superior.
The ice rink at Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth is closed until later this week because of the warm weather, according to a city news release.
Technically part of Central Park, this baseball field and basketball/tennis court off Piedmont Avenue have been abandoned for many years.
Duluth's esteemed nickname came from a true optimist during a speech for a handful of early residents a century and a half ago.
Gov. Tim Walz's bonding money request includes nearly $1 million in pre-design funding to move the school's manufacturing programs from downtown Duluth back to the main campus, while UMD would get more than $15 million for building renovations and ongoing infrastructure maintenance.