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October 21, 2017
Rep. Jason Metsa is a DFL member of the Minnesota House from Virginia. State Rep. Rob Ecklund is a DFLer from International Falls. And state Rep. Julie Sandstede is a DFLer of Hibbing.
Lawmakers' response: Range DFLers support Line 3, the project's good jobs
11 hours 33 min ago
Megan Halena
Local view: Spread accurate information about Minnesota's health insurance open enrollment
11 hours 38 min ago
Vanta E. Coda II
Port director's view: Transportation network underpins regional development; pipelines are key
11 hours 40 min ago
Eugene Robinson
National view: Weinstein's alleged sexual abuse appalling, now and then
11 hours 41 min ago
Heidi Stevens
National view: It's not about flirting or sexy clothing
11 hours 42 min ago
Craig Lancaster
National view: I see you, #MeToo, and have to say, #YesIHave
11 hours 43 min ago
Kathleen Parker
National view: #MeToo: Tipping point or outrage du jour?
11 hours 46 min ago
Other view: Next for #MeToo: #NotAnymore
11 hours 47 min ago
Paresh Nath / Cagle Cartoons
Cartoonist's view
11 hours 48 min ago
Joe Heller
Cartoonist's view
11 hours 50 min ago
Reader's view: Loeffler-Kemp an advocate for students
11 hours 54 min ago
Reader's view: Tone it down on mining debate
11 hours 55 min ago
Reader's view: Schultz complaining, not fixing, health care
11 hours 56 min ago
Reader's view: Vote for those who'd sell Central
11 hours 57 min ago
Fielding Questions: Dipladenia can be wintered successfully
16 hours 38 min ago