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Ask a Conservation Officer: Snowmobile registration rules

Q: I just bought a used snowmobile. The registration stickers are still valid for one more year. Do I have to transfer it into my name now, or can I wait until the tabs expire?

A: State law specifies that a new owner is required to transfer the registration into their name within 15 days of the transfer of ownership. Even if the sled you purchased still has some time left before the registration needs to be renewed, you still need to go to the DMV to transfer the registration into your name.

Snowmobile registrations expire on June 30 of their respective year, so now is a good time to look at your machines to see if they will need new stickers before you ride this winter. Keep in mind that is illegal to ride, operate or transport (including in a truck or on a trailer) a snowmobile if it has not been registered.

Snowmobiles at least 25 years old can be registered as a collector machine; contact your local conservation officer for more information on this option.

Matthew S. Miller is a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer with the Lake Superior Marine Unit. Send your questions to