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Rule changes approved for college hockey

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel has approved changes for men’s and women’s hockey effective for the 2014-15 season, including expanded video replay.

More plays now can be reviewed, including where a skater may have been offside or a team had too many players on the ice, and goals can be reviewed to determine if they were scored before a penalty occurred.

Video from any source available now can be used, where previously, only one, from a TV broadcast, was allowed.

The panel also approved an option for officials to assess a major penalty for interference when significant contact occurs that is not to the head or neck area, in particular with blindside hits.

Among other changes:

-- Players taking a faceoff no longer are allowed to use their hand to play the puck, with a violation of the rule resulting in a minor penalty, similar to the NHL rule.

-- During a shootout or penalty the referee either can award a goal or another shot if the goal becomes dislodged by the goalkeeper.

-- If a player who is awarded a penalty shot is injured and unable to take the shot, another player on the ice at the time of the infraction will be chosen to shoot.

-- The panel also approved an experimental rule in women’s hockey to allow the puck to be played legally with a high stick.