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Fishing: Weather cooperates with Jaws Derby

A total of 310 anglers competed in the 29th annual Jaws Fishing Derby, held Friday through Sunday on Lake Superior and the St. Louis River. The event is sponsored by the Western Lake Superior Trolling Association.

Rain dampened the outing Saturday morning but didn’t keep anglers in the harbor.

“This is the first time in recent memory we were able to fish all three days,” the club’s Jim VanLandschoot said.

Jake Lozon won the lake trout division with an 18.91-pound fish. John Dwyer’s 9.49-pound salmon won that division, and Carl Harker took the walleye division with an 8.21-pound fish.

A new kids’ event at the tournament on Saturday called “Little Jaws, Big Smiles” drew 50 kids and raised $1,560 for Just Kids Dental, VanLandschoot said.

Sunday’s Final Results

On Lake Superior and St. Louis River

Lake Trout Division

1. Jake Lozon, 18.91 pounds; 2. Ed Stouffer, 15.29; 3. Brandon Peterson, 13.47; 4. Jim McGinnis, 13.39; 5. James Abrahamson, 12.67.

Salmon Division

1, John Dwyer, 9.49; 2. Jon Allen, 7.95; 3. Matt Remark, 7.65; 4. Paul Trogdon, 6.94; 5. Gary Johnson, 6.02.

Walleye Division

1. Carl Harker, 8.21; 2. Emily Yrjanainen, 8.00; 3. Kyle Schuster, 7.19; 4. Christopher Prihoda, 6.97; 5. Alyssa Haedrich, 6.47.

Captain’s Division

Combined weight of one lake trout, one salmon, one walleye, one brown trout; by boat name.

1. Barbie, 23.67; 2. Way-to-go, 23.02; 3. Thrilla, 23.01. 15. ($500) Salmon Hunter, 15.79.