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Send us your Nice Fish listings

Each Sunday this summer, the News Tribune’s Outdoors section will publish a list of big fish caught in our region. No, it isn’t a contest. It’s just a listing of many of the largest fish caught throughout the Northland. The Nice Fish column will begin next Sunday.To get your fish listed:

* Email your information to

* Call the News Tribune at 723-5300 or (800) 456-8282.

Be sure to list the angler’s name, hometown, the body of water where the fish was caught and its weight in pounds and ounces, or, if it was released, its length in inches.

Minimum lengths and weights: Walleye, 8 pounds; walleye releases, 28 inches; northern pike, 12 pounds; northern pike releases, 31 inches; musky, 15 pounds; musky releases, 40 inches; largemouth bass, 5 pounds; largemouth bass releases, 18 inches; smallmouth bass, 4 pounds; smallmouth bass releases, 16 inches.

Crappies, 1 pound, 6 ounces; crappie releases, 13 inches; sunfish/bluegills, 1 pound, 6 ounces; perch, 1 pound; catfish, 10 pounds; chinook salmon, 10 pounds; coho salmon, 3 pounds; Atlantic salmon, 4 pounds; lake trout, 8 pounds; lake trout releases, 30 inches; rainbow trout, 6 pounds; brown trout, 2 pounds; splake, 6 pounds; and lake sturgeon, 35 pounds.

We want your fish photos!

We’d also like to see photographs of you and your big fish. We’ll publish some each Sunday and post more in our seasonal web gallery. Here how to send us your photos:

* Email them to Use jpg (jpeg) format and be sure to include all pertinent information.