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Outdoors Calendar

  • Saturday — Opening of steelhead fishing season on Wisconsin's Brule River.
  • April 12 — First Minnesota turkey hunting period begins.
  • April 15-16 — Wisconsin youth turkey hunt.
  • April 19 — First Wisconsin turkey hunting period begins.
  • May 5 — Deadline for Minnesota bear hunt lottery.
  • May 6 — Wisconsin inland fishing opener; Wisconsin smallmouth bass catch-and-release season (northern zone) opener; Wisconsin largemouth bass harvest season opener.
  • May 13 — Opening of Minnesota fishing season.
  • May 27 — Wisconsin muskie fishing opener, northern zone.
  • June 3 — Minnesota muskie fishing opener.
  • June 17 — Wisconsin northern zone smallmouth bass harvest season begins.
  • Sept. 1 — Minnesota bear hunting opener.
  • Sept. 2 — Minnesota early goose hunting season.
  • Sept. 16 — Minnesota archery deer and grouse hunting openers; Wisconsin archery and crossbow deer opener; Wisconsin grouse hunting opener.
  • Sept. 23 — Minnesota waterfowl opener (tentative); Minnesota woodcock hunting opener.
  • Oct. 14 — Minnesota pheasant opener.
  • Nov. 4 — Minnesota firearms deer opener.
  • Nov. 18 — Wisconsin gun deer opener.
  • DO IT

    "Snow fleas," any day now

    One of the planet's humblest creatures, the lowly "snow flea," or springtail, will be appearing soon in a snowy footprint. Never just one, but many. These tiny insects look like flecks of pepper on the snow. Watch closely enough and you'll see them flitting. Look for them on 40-degree days where the sun has warmed the snow. "Snow fleas" — and the march toward spring begins.