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Reader's View: Remember Republicans' actions when voting

Many people are angry about being controlled by a congress and, now, an administration that don't listen to or benefit them. They know 95 percent of the financial benefits from the recovery from the 2008 recession have gone to the top 1 percent of Americans. They question if the system is rigged to favor the wealthy.

As a candidate, President Donald Trump recognized this wave of anti-establishment anger and successfully positioned himself in front of it, with outrageous ideas, claims and appeals to hatred. Angry voters were looking for ways to strike back and were receptive to Trump's promises, such as shaking things up in Washington, D.C.

However, disruption is being created by President Trump's hard-right, anti-people views.

Proposed Republican budgets continue to favor the wealthy and to cut our social safety nets, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Meals on Wheels, unemployment compensation, and subsidized housing. Nearly two-thirds of the poor are elderly, disabled or children. Do you want to cut their support?

Economic uncertainty, created by the Republicans, causes insurance companies to pull out of Obamacare and to put the program in jeopardy.

Not ending the U.S. participation in the unaffordable, endless wars in the Middle East and leading us close to war with North Korea, creating more anger.

National Republicans will receive the brunt of people's anger as they try to change our culture and economy even more to favor the wealthy. Republican policies (including deregulating corporations, destroying the environment, and cutting taxes for the wealthy) do not create jobs or produce wealth — except for the wealthy. Republicans will not be able to blame exploding international and domestic problems on the Democrats, ex-President Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton.

Republicans control the government and own the responsibility. Remember this when you vote in 2018.

Donald E. Maypole

Lake Nebagamon