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Reader's View: Where's evidence of climate-denial conspiracy?

Letters like the one July 5, "Don't believe climate deniers," that describe cataclysmic-sounding situations as evidence of the certainty of man-caused global warming are often livid at the mere mention of famous-name climatologists and climate-denier organizations which doubt it. The International Climate Science Coalition, the Heartland Institute, and other organizations offer massive levels of detail that are easily found at their websites when readers choose to bypass secondhand accounts written by their critics — on myriad faults within narratives about imperiled polar bears, ice-cap and glacier conditions, sea levels, and more.

What's the predictable fallback position of their critics? "Don't listen to those guys; they're part of a 'denial machine' funded by the fossil-fuel industry."

While that sounds incredibly damaging, consider this: Where, after 20-plus years of this accusation floating around, is there any evidence to back it up? Some claim the "Exxon Knew" exposé elsewhere is all you need to know. But when astute readers sort through the actual Exxon documents, it becomes obvious that Exxon expressed some concern about potential global warming but also expressed concern about computer models predicting it. Far worse, there's been no media revelations about Exxon or any other fossil-fuel industry being caught with secret material proving it conspired with "industry-bought scientists" to create and orchestrate a deception campaign where all agreed to spread lies and fabricate reports to the public in order to save the profits of the industry.

Believers in man-caused global warming basically beg you to believe this industry/skeptic conspiracy exists. But is it completely implausible that organizations such as Greenpeace have themselves coordinated a misinformation campaign against skeptic climate scientists, to protect their inflow of donations from people who trust them on being right about the certainty of man-caused global warming?

Russell Cook