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Reader's View: Climate skeptics hard to believe

The June 26 letter, "Scientific theories aren't truth, but educated opinions," seemed designed to deceive readers. It reminded me of other articles placed for the purpose of undermining climate science.

It was deceitful for the letter to suggest science is an opinion. Gravity isn't an opinion. It isn't an opinion that humans must breathe air. The greenhouse effect isn't an opinion. All of these are conclusions supported with scientific evidence and reached via the scientific method.

As for "experts" who question climate science, as the letter mentioned: the truth is that in excess of 97 percent of all climate scientists agree that manmade climate change is real. If 97 percent of engineers said a bridge was unsafe, would you drive over it because someone who isn't even an expert in the field insists science and engineering are opinions?

Concerning "skeptics," as the letter also mentioned. A skeptic examines facts with an open and questioning mind. Not all climate skeptics fit that description. Some who reject science do so as part of advocating for the fossil fuel and tobacco industries.

The letter quoted Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry concerning having an "open discussion." Let's have an open discussion concerning Secretary Perry. He has received considerable funding from oil and gas interests, was a board member of Energy Transfer Partners (owner of the Dakota Access Pipeline), is a former chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, and received funding for his presidential campaign from the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners. Perry even advocated eliminating the Department of Energy during his presidential run.

Once facts are presented, the picture that emerges is not in accordance with the June 26 letter. And that is not an opinion.

Christopher Keating

Mason, Texas