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Reader's View: Don't believe climate deniers

The June 26 letter, "Scientific theories aren't truth, but educated opinions," seemed to be another writing from the denial machine operated by the International Climate Science Coalition and other climate-science deniers. They often refuse to disclose their funding sources, claiming they want to protect the identity and privacy of donors.

The International Climate Science Coalition and other denial organizations have roots reaching into companies like ExxonMobil. Even though they say their donations come from individuals, the coalition received a $45,000 donation in 2007 from the Heartland Institute, a conservative think tank, according to SourceWatch.

It is clear such organizations, as well as people who refuse to look at facts gleaned from decades of climate research, are engaged in an all-out effort to dispute and discredit the involvement of humans as an influencing factor in climate change.

When you look at the administration of President Donald Trump and its continued adherence to "alternate facts," or an "alternate reality," it seems clear the deniers of global climate change also support an "alternate reality," one that may well spell disaster for humans in the next 25 to 50 years.

When one sees the imminent calving of the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica, the largest ice shelf yet to break off from the peninsula, one realizes this is not a normal event. When one can also see the continued loss of ice on the Greenland ice sheet and fresh water flowing into Davis Strait and the Arctic Ocean, raising sea levels, one can note that this is actual physical evidence of climate change. It's occurring now.

I respectfully disagreed with the June 26 letter.

Diane Saunders