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Readers' View: Nuclear energy? What about the waste?

The May 12 Local View column, “Alternative energy sources are making our planet sick,” downplayed the values of renewable energy and natural gas and claimed that alternative energy sources instead of nuclear energy “are making our planet sick.” Writer George Erickson used returns on investment, megawatt production costs, and carbon dioxide production as the bases for his comparisons.

I know nothing about this data, but I would argue that if I did not know how to dispose of my woodstove ashes, I would not burn wood. And for decades, the world has used nuclear energy in various ways and still does without knowing how to dispose of the accumulated nuclear waste. Thus, tens of thousands of tons are stored precariously in nuclear waste-storage sites worldwide, waiting for a disaster that too often happens.

I wonder if Erickson’s cost comparisons consider these storage and risk costs that need to be continued for thousands of years?

William E. Berg

Knife River