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Reader's View: World leaders fulfilling biblical prophecies

The Apostle John while imprisoned by the Romans on the island of Patmos in the 1st century wrote the book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament by the last living apostle. Revelation, along with many Old Testament prophecies, predicted the apocalypse and the events leading up to it, the final event called "Armageddon." The predictions included that the last battle would take place in Jerusalem.

Armageddon might be lurking ever nearer today as most of St. John's predictions already have taken place.

Have you noticed that many of those positioned in power and influence seem eager to help fulfill the prophecies? Why is that? And what motivates them to unwittingly participate in connecting the dots to achieve our worldly demise? Perhaps they feel it's just a fairy tale or maybe are so enamored with status, power and earthly riches, they just ignore the consequences and go with the flow. That is understandable and very human, but someday they might be held accountable.

Far be it for me to preach, I'm not qualified, nor am I worthy, but there is a greater power who will judge us on that final day. I love that guy as He has blessed me and answers my prayers. The messages he gave to the prophets and to St. John ring true to me.

There is an old gospel song, written anonymously in 1927 — and recorded many times by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Elvis, and Johnny Cash, to name a few — that goes like this: "You gotta walk that lonesome valley. You gotta go by yourself." The song's lyrics deal with our fate after dying and and the whereabouts of our spiritual existence for all eternity. Maybe today is a good time to start that walk.

Dennis Cooke