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Reader's View: Home show distasteful venue for 9/11 exhibit

I found it distasteful and mind-boggling that a 9/11 exhibit was actually part of the home show in Duluth ("Duluth Arrowhead Home & Builders Show to feature 9/11 exhibit," April 1).

Was this how they (whoever "they" are ) decided to get people inside the doors? Was this the way they honor the most life-changing, horrific episode in America? Was this a joke?

No, it was actually true.

"Let's go look at some oak cabinets, Honey. We can buy a charcoal grill at the same time. Oh, and by the way, we might as well go see the 9/11 exhibit, too."

This exhibit deserved a place of its own without tiles, barbecues, and bands. It deserved reflection and solitude and remembrance. Not this venue. Not this place.

Kim Sisto Robinson