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Reader's view: Tax sports in Minneapolis to fund NLX

It would be great to see passenger railroad service again to Duluth ("Passenger rail rolls into focus," March 10).

After growing up in Duluth, I always thought the Great Northern train — with its modern diesel engines in those days — was a convenient way to make the trip between Duluth and Minneapolis. Ridership must have dwindled to cause the demise of train service between the two cities.

With the popularity of major sports in Minneapolis, it would seem a small tax on tickets could help pay for the construction and operations of rail service without having to depend so much on federal help, which could increase the national debt. Once a train was operating, these same sporting events would gain revenue from people who could then travel from the connected locations. The reasonable price of the train ticket would more than offset the cost of a tank of gas and parking fees to see a game.

Of course, Duluth also would also benefit from tourists coming from the Minneapolis area to see the beautiful city. I hope this gets built.

Lawrence Nowak

Torrance, Calif.