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Reader's View: Investment in energy conservation will pay off

I applaud Duluth Mayor Emily Larson’s leadership and smart investment in the Duluth Energy Fund (“Larson would invest in energy conservation,” March 31). Her commitment to energy-efficiency projects not only will cut waste out of the electric system; it will bring returns for years to come in the form of lower utility bills.

Minnesota long has been a leader in improving our energy system through common-sense policies and smart investments. Work by the city of Duluth and stakeholders like Ecolibrium3 and Minnesota Power already has put Duluth on the map when it comes to improving the community’s housing stock and lowering energy costs for residents.

In making this investment, Mayor Larson is sending a clear signal to the marketplace. These projects and investments tell businesses that work in energy efficiency that Duluth is a good place to set up shop and grow jobs. They tell residents that the community is committed to cutting waste and reducing energy costs. Most of all, they demonstrate that smart investments in energy efficiency can bring outstanding returns to a community’s bottom line.

Minnesota is lucky to have local energy leaders like Mayor Emily Larson.

Will Nissen

St. Paul

The writer is director of energy performance at Fresh Energy, an energy-policy nonprofit (