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Reader's view: Better service needed at auditor’s service center

My wife and I recently moved and needed to do a simple address change on our driver’s licenses. First, I tried to do it online, but the state did not accommodate that plan. It appeared there were private vendors online who were quite willing, but we are not the types to loosely disseminate our personal information.

I then proceeded to the  St. Louis County Auditor “Service” Center at Miller Hill Mall. If you are a driver’s license customer you must take a number there; others paying taxes, license tabs, etc., need not bother with numbers. I sat there for almost an hour before I was called and was taken care of in less than five minutes. One clerk (trainee) was assigned to this task and no one attempted to help even though she was the only one with a backlog of folks waiting.

My wife went in a week later on a Monday morning, sat for 15 minutes, and never saw or heard anyone called. We came back one hour later, and she picked a high number but was served relatively quickly because they kept calling numbers of customers who had left.

I would like to suggest that all customers be treated equally and all take numbers, and the staff should be trained and required to help each other. The present system is not giving all customers service in the timely fashion they deserve. The county auditor can do better, and I would appreciate a public response to my comments.  

Bill Erickson