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Reader's view: Gardner does a good job representing her district

I am writing regarding the Aug. 20 article, “Gardner recall effort not ready for Nov 4.” I think Duluth City Councilor Sharla Gardner is doing a good job representing District 3B. She should not be removed.

My brother is a long-term resident at Bayshore Health Care Center on Park Point in Duluth. His health and trips to the hospital made it important for me to attend meetings regarding the closure of the Park Point fire hall. No number of people could have changed the closing of the Park Point fire hall, in my mind, after attending those meetings.

I would like to say I disagree with Mike Medlin, the man leading the recall effort against Councilor Gardner, regarding her supposed failure in shielding the Park Point fire hall from closure.

My brother had a medical emergency with the bridge up. After I wrote emails regarding this episode, I received a response written by Fire Chief John Strongitharm on Oct. 15, 2013. He suggested the possibility of using funds available for community CPR and AED training to train more people, including more people willing to learn on Park Point, in 24/7 emergency response.

Gardner deserves the support of the residents on Park Point.

Leona E. Krieg