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Reader's view: Obama has kept many unspoken promises

Would you vote for a candidate who made these promises?

I will disregard the Constitution and Congress and dictate my own laws with my pen and my phone.

I will embrace and defend Islam, reprimand Israel for attempting to exist and denigrate biblical principles.

I will ignore immigration law and encourage uncontrolled, chaotic border crossings and more government dependency.

I will have more flexibility in cooperating with Russians after the election. (Is that microphone open?)

I will not permit even a small, remnant United States military presence in Iraq, thereby inviting the widely predicted slaughter of civilians by “junior varsity” Muslim murderers.

I will saddle our country with a burdensome, job-killing health care law that few will read and fewer will understand.

I will perpetuate the man-made global-warming hoax.

I will loudly warn against aggression by foreign dictators and then quietly slink away when they defy me.

I will bankrupt the coal industry.

I will defend the Internal Revenue Service when it discriminates against my political opponents. I promise there will be not a smidgen of corruption. (Just ignore any Fifth Amendment pleas or vanishing emails.)

I will barricade the World War II Veterans Memorial during the next budget crisis; make it hurt.

I will grant Muslim terrorists their freedom to terrorize again.

I will use race and envy to demonize my opponents and to divide and polarize people for political advantage.

Of course, few of these things did President Barack Obama openly promise, yet all of these things did. Would this man get your vote?

By the way, if skin color was even a smidgen of a factor in voting either for or against Obama, you owe an apology to Dr. Martin Luther King. In the next election, let’s focus on content of character, not flesh pigment.

Wayne C. Anderson