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Reader's view: Washington could use Mills’ business acumen

I find the latest anti-Stewart Mills ad perplexing. Are we blaming him for the success of his ancestors? For the business acumen that led to success? Success that we sure could use more of both in Washington and here? Not the same old rhetoric that has us mired in no job growth, jobs that pay less, or people who have simply quit looking for employment?

More than 150 million Americans now receive some form of government assistance. Surely that doesn’t ring of a successful strategy on the part of Washington.

Congressional candidate Mills seems to me to have learned the ropes from the bottom up about how to keep a business in business. Sure, he didn’t do it all by himself; one rarely does. But he has the skills and ability we need to make it happen.

What real hands-on business skills does his opponent have? Self-employment? Partnership? Limited liability corporation? Corporation? Selling cookies door-to-door?  We need to get on our feet, and empty platitudes make a poor crutch.

We obviously need change. I believe Stewart Mills can supply that change. Think about it. Then vote; just go and vote!

Howard Marline