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Reader's view: AFSCME anti-Mills attack ad was a complete lie

An AFSCME-sponsored attack ad against congressional candidate Stewart Mills was exposed by the Mills campaign as a total fabrication. In other words, it was a lie. And now we are asked to support AFSCME-

supported U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan for another term in Congress? What else has been fabricated?

I heard Nolan wants a complete takeover of national health care with a government single-payer system. We already have 200,000 new IRS agents to spy and intimidate American citizens; this would require even more agents. But of course, we can trust the IRS to be impartial, can’t we?

Congressman Nolan seems to not have a clue about where the government gets the money to run the country. More government employees only would take more money out of the Treasury. Commercial activity puts money in the Treasury. That’s right: Only the people like Stewart Mills who own or work in private industry contribute to the U.S. Treasury. Adding more government employees only would result in higher taxes for hard-working Americans.

Tom Wright