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Reader's view: There must be alternatives to killing Fourth Street trees

Where are the letters to the opinion page about the proposed removal of all the trees on East Fourth Street? To me, this needs discussion. Two city councilors have spoken very patiently to me, explaining that the removal of trees is absolutely necessary for the improvement of infrastructure and the repair of the road bed (“A shady lane lost? Aug. 3).

Surely other cities faced the same dilemma and came up with other solutions. Have our city and county planners and engineers sought and considered these solutions tried elsewhere? How much more expensive are they? Aren’t there any compromises?

How can Duluth retain a “Tree City” designation and boast being chosen Best Outdoor City while destroying that beautiful canopy?

While daydreaming, I envisioned a fanciful environmentally desirable plan. Ban all automotive traffic on East Fourth Street. Limit it to bicycles all the time, in both directions, under the shade of those large, lovely trees. A friend said, “And I’d have a cute little trolley running down the middle.” Wouldn’t that be an experience for eco-tourists?

Another friend said, “Isn’t that extreme?”

To me it is no more extreme than slaughtering 200 living trees.

Myrna Matheson