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Reader's view: City chasing tourist dollars at expense of local residents

The reason the city of Duluth wants to forever give money to Spirit Mountain is because of “old” money: The Canal Park owners know they need Spirit Mountain to stay open to fill their hotels and restaurants in the winter season.

Duluth Chief Administrative Officer David Montgomery talks about the need to continue funding Spirit Mountain for the tax revenue in our offseason. I heard him say that on TV news. I just wish for once Montgomery and those who run this city would tell us the truth and not treat us like children.

We can close Lester Park Golf Course because the city does not care about funding that business. Those who frequent it and pay money to golf at what I may call an amenity in this city don’t seem to matter to city leaders. We have to pay our property taxes whether we have that course open or not. However, if we don’t fund Spirit Mountain, the business owners who run this city won’t get the revenue from their hotels and restaurants, primarily in the Canal Park area.

For once, just tell it like it is. The people who go to use our golf courses don’t matter, right? Only the tourists do. That seems true to me simply because the city knows it will receive our captive property tax money no matter what.

On a percent scale, very little tax money is used to keep Lester Park Golf Course open as compared to the money we dump into Spirit Mountain year after year. And trust me, most of the citizens of this great city know why. Just quit trying to pretend we are all stupid.

Tim McEvoy Duluth