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Reader's view: Positive Energy creating an ongoing nuisance

The land swap Positive Energy Outdoors is trying to push is not the fairy tale portrayed in the News Tribune article of Aug. 6, headlined, “County land swap turns heated.”

This issue is so heated and Datka Road residents are so up in arms more in reaction to an ongoing nuisance than the land swap itself. Positive Energy Outdoors proprietors Blake Cazier and Stephanie Love have operated without respect for us neighbors for years, which has affected the quality of life in our small, rural community. Residents have had to deal with constant noise from more than 50 dogs barking at all hours as well as repeated trespassing onto private property, litter and even private land used as a restroom.

I am all for a business that allows kids to experience the great outdoors but not at neighbors’ expense, whether as landowners or taxpayers. I invite the News Tribune’s John Myers, who wrote the Aug. 6 story, to come out to Datka Road and interview the people affected, not just those who are most vocal at a meeting. The coffee is on me.

Ryan Underthun