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Reader's view: Excellent Bugliosi stories brought back memories

The articles about Vincent Bugliosi have been wonderful (including, “The trial of a lifetime,” Aug. 10, and, “Bugliosi, Manson linked for the rest of their lives,” Aug. 11). They brought back some interesting memories.

In the spring of 1969, I sat next to a young man named William Garretson in a college class. We were given assigned seats, so he and I had to sit in the back row of class every day and did what many students did back there. We talked to each other. We weren’t close friends by any means, but he made the class more tolerable.

A few months later he became the first person arrested in the Manson murders — and the only one to escape from the gruesome site. He had been the caretaker of the mansion and was obviously the authority’s first suspect. We did not keep in touch, but my sister and I ran into him five years later in a Hamburg, Germany, train station.

As many people know, my life has not been dull.

Vicki Surges