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Reader's view: Duluth’s parking policy sends tourists packing

Duluth sure knows how to keep people from wanting to visit Duluth.

My husband, son and I drove into a parking lot on Canal Park Drive. We pulled in and drove around looking for a spot to park. We found one next to an old booth. We parked, got out and a guy was walking around with his radio. Someone was yelling at him over it. He was walking in circles. He could not have been more than 20 feet from our car. We walked over and paid for our parking and went across the street for coffee. We came back about 30 minutes later and had a ticket for $12. The time stamped on the receipt we received when we paid for our parking was 10:56 a.m. The ticket was time-stamped 10:58 a.m. We should have had until 11:56 a.m. I have talked to other people, and they say the same thing has happened to them. We should not have received a ticket.

I mailed in the ticket and a copy of our receipt the next day. We did hear from the Duluth department and were told the ticket was voided by them. But what about people who say they just pay the ticket and don’t try to fight it?

This stuff makes you not want to come back.

Ellen Mortenson

Tamarack, Minn.