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Reader's view: A model for lakefront, community development?

The Lake Superior community of Washburn is known for its colorful history, including politically. Today it is a town largely casting off the

backroom-style politics of its past in favor of bringing vital matters of public interest to the light of day. As a result, the community is now progressively choosing to highlight inherent natural, geographical and architectural attributes of the town.

Currently in redevelopment is Thompson’s West End Park, one of Washburn’s two lakeshore RV and camping parks.

Generally, the project is especially significant because of its potential to affect development of the town’s largely open and verdant public lakeshore: a one-shot opportunity. Continued and even more proactive guidance from the Common Council will help the town move forward in creating a people-friendly, environmentally sound, sustainably profitable development model for our whole community.

In short, the expansion of the park promises to be a bellwether project. If thoughtfully planned, it will serve the community not only as a cornerstone, but also as a vital bridge, connecting Washburn’s past with the promise and even greater fulfillment of its future. More important to the project’s success than any single time, however, is the continued coalescence of input from the people who call Washburn home.

Roth Edwards