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Reader's view: Obama, Democrats offer dismal leadership

It seems to me Democrats have adopted a new motto. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton first proclaimed it during a Congressional committee hearing when she folded and screeched it: “What difference does it make?” We can assume it made a lot of difference to slain embassy officers and to anyone concerned about the massive cover-up about which Clinton was speaking.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid soon echoed Clinton when President Barack Obama, ignoring advice from army generals, turned loose five of the world’s worst terrorists.

Then another problem was announced: In the past year another 52,000 illegal immigrants reportedly walked in to the United States, the last 20,000 no doubt while Obama was playing pool and golfing. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi got TV time to tell us that all of them should stay. After all, “We are all Americans,” she said.

Perhaps Obama finally has realized that maybe it does make a difference. He asked Congress for $3.7 billion to lock the barn door that he left open on immigration in the first place.

The truth of the matter is the president and Congress together constitute the most dismal leadership our nation has ever had.

William Lainen