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Reader's view: Postal Service has outlived its usefulness

I am so glad U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan is trying to save the “good jobs” of the United States Postal Service (“Postmaster to review closure of mail center,” July 16).

The Postal Service reportedly is losing several billions of dollars each quarter but still gives out bonuses. I guess for not losing more money. Additionally, the USPS sponsored Lance Armstrong’s biking team during the years he was winning the Tour de France — and lying to authorities about his drug use and voraciously proclaiming his innocence.

It may be less expensive to close the postal facilities, but give the displaced employees yearly checks for $75,000. Aren’t you glad Rep. Nolan helps to keep the American dollar strong and hence America strong (lots of laughs)?

In this age of multiple means of communication, there is no need for the USPS. Candle-

makers were made redundant and unemployed after Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Give a private service the contract for delivering what mail there still is. This will have the added effect of pricing out junk mail.

Thomas J Sharkey