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Reader's view: Simon deserves our thanks — and our vote

Thanks to election reforms passed by Rep. Steve Simon as chairman of the House Elections Committee, all Minnesota voters can now easily vote in the primary and general elections. Simon is now a candidate for secretary of state and has my vote.

Last year Simon passed no-

excuse absentee voting. So we can all vote when and where it’s convenient for us. This year Simon passed online voter registration and online applications for absentee ballots so we can do this in minutes at our convenience. These modernizations will make it faster if you go to the polls or let you easily vote absentee.

Don’t miss Tuesday’s primary or the November general election. Vote in both elections.

Go online now and register or update your registration and request your absentee ballots for Tuesday and Nov. 4.

For all he has done, Steve Simon deserves thanks. And he has my vote.

Steve Linnerooth

Center City, Minn.