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Reader's view: Abeler has the experience to shape public policy

Why would a loyal, 18-year Green Party activist and former Sen. Dave Durenberger both urge folks to vote in the Republican primary Tuesday for Jim Abeler for U.S. Senate? Abeler is an experienced Minnesota politician, unlike the rich Republican-endorsed Mike McFadden. That’s one reason: Abeler has years of experience in how to shape public policy in the government trenches in St. Paul.

As a Green, I’ve been active in the Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition (specifically, a donor and dues-paying member of Minnesota Citizens Federation Northeast, based in Duluth), and my involvement has shown me incumbent Sen. Al Franken refuses to take action against the HMOs ripping off Medicaid. Abeler is speaking out against this travesty unfairly befalling us taxpayers.

No Greens are on Tuesday’s primary ballot. I have no Green to promote so I’m telling everyone I can, from religious conservatives to flaming liberals, to turn out and vote for Abeler. Franken deserves to face an able opponent for his woeful neglect in defending the public purse from HMO profiteering on the Medicaid program. Votes for Abeler will protect our federal health programs from being cash cows for exploitive corporations while Democrats continue to ignore the outrage.

Diane J. Peterson White Bear Lake, Minn.