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Reader's view: Vote for Hall to bring good jobs to Minnesota

There’ll be nothing to cheer about when it comes to jobs and taxes if the Minnesota DFL pushes through a Contraceptive Health Equity and Employee Rights Act (“CHEER”).

First, it’s saying to businesses, “We don’t want you in Minnesota unless you follow some additional regulations.” Regulations cause businesses uneasiness. Anti-business climates cause businesses to look elsewhere, which costs Minnesota families job opportunities and the state chances to increase the number of corporations in Minnesota to lower taxes for everyone.

For some, the lack of new job opportunities means no health care. That means more people on MNsure, which costs Minnesota taxpayers more and more each day. This does not help families or the economy of Minnesota.

In contrast to this, a vote for Becky Hall for Minnesota House District 7A is a vote for good-paying, full-time jobs with good benefits.

As her field director, I heard Hall speak in support of PolyMet from day one. The overflow of good-paying jobs into Duluth would be a good shot of medicine for this area. Taxes are cut and quality health care coverage would be provided by a full-time employer. This is something to cheer about. Vote for Becky Hall Nov. 4.

Timothy Helwig