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Reader's view: Mills pushes a failed economic policy

Stewart Mills talks the good talk, but it appears to be the same talking points as the last GOP candidate who fooled us all in the 8th District, Chip Cravaack. I feel I need to lay out the reason why 8th District voters need to be wary of Mills.

He refuses to answer what his position is on supply-side economics, a.k.a. “trickle-down economics,” which President Ronald Reagan brought to the national scene. Rep. Paul Ryan’s latest budget: there it is again with another giveaway to the richest 1 percent in this country and the further deterioration of the middle class. The fact is, this has been proven to be a failed economic policy and is the major contributor to the huge difference in wealth growth between what at one time was the middle class and the wealthy in this country over the past 30 years.

A vote for Stewart Mills is a vote for this proven failed policy and support for the axiom, fool me once (with Cravaack), shame on you; fool me twice (with Mills) shame

on us.

Samuel Stolis

Brainerd, Minn.