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Reader's view: Documentary tells the truth about America

I am writing in reference to the July 25 letter, “Review misled about film being a documentary.” In contrast to the opinion expressed in that letter, I would recommend Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, “America: Imagine a World Without Her” to everyone with a love for our country — and a mind open to fact. If one believes this film is “propaganda,” as the letter-writer asserted, our country will continue on a downward spiral to a place the Founding Fathers never intended and greatly feared.

I will continue to tune in to Fox News where I know I will receive facts about our country and the world. And I will continue to pray for a populace that cares about the truth, pursues it and demands it of our leaders. In contrast to the letter-writer’s experience, not a single person left the theater during my attendance of “America.”

Patricia Sigford