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Reader's view: Let’s fence in all those who hate

The News Tribune deserves thanks for this space where I and others can use our freedom of speech. (I feel a little better already!)

I wonder what it would take to wake up the United Nations and ask it to build an island in the middle of the ocean with a fence all around and no boat. It is needed for the containment of people who want to kill their neighbors. These people include terrorists, Hamas, al-Qaeda and those who would beat a woman for talking to a man.

The one, holy, inspired-by-God, book, the Bible, says to love your neighbor. God is love. Israel has been repairing its enemies’ water and electrical structures and providing medical care for everyone it can. Talk about loving your enemy.

There is a time, which isn’t far away, for heaven and hell. Until then, come on, United Nations.

And thanks again, News Tribune, I feel better.

Joann Anderson