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Readers' view: Seifert the greater Minnesota candidate for governor

On Aug. 12, Minnesota primary voters will have the opportunity to vote for a candidate for governor from greater Minnesota who understands family budgets as well as the state budget and who has real-life work experience and solid Minnesota values. I am asking for your vote to be the next governor of the great state of Minnesota.

I am a middle-class husband, father, business owner, former Realtor, former university admissions counselor and former state legislator who believes we can do better than Mark Dayton. We have a beautiful state with wonderful people who deserve a leader they can relate to, good-paying jobs and competitive tax policies.

In this race, I’m the only candidate to travel to all 87 counties in Minnesota because I believe all Minnesotans should see their candidates and their governor on a regular basis. In a Seifert administration, no part of the state would be “flyover country.”

The policies of Dayton’s all-metro ticket and the all-Democrat Legislature have been detrimental to greater Minnesota communities, taxpayers, families and businesses. Dayton’s all-Minneapolis ticket is interested in growing government with wasteful projects instead of helping Minnesotans.

I’ve traveled the Iron Range, advocating for mining and permit reform to bring new jobs and prosperity to northern Minnesota. We can authorize mining in an environmentally responsible way, and our time for this is far past due.

After four years of an out-of-touch governor, we need a governor who understands Minnesotans’ struggles. I don’t accept contributions from lobbyists for my campaign; that makes me unique. I’m asking for your vote on Tuesday, Aug. 12 to send my running mate, Rep. Pam Myhra, and me to St. Paul so we can change the direction of our state.

Marty Seifert

Marshall, Minn.

The writer is one of five Republican candidates for governor, running with lieutenant governor candidate Rep. Pam Myhra, in the Aug. 12 primary election. His comments here weren’t published with those of the other candidates on July 28 because he and his campaign failed to meet the deadline set by the News Tribune Opinion page.