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Reader's view: Schultz has the experience for District 7A House seat

I’m writing in support of Jennifer Schultz to replace Tom Huntley, who’s retiring from his Minnesota District 7A House seat.

On the issue of income inequality, Schultz knows firsthand the negative effects of an economy in which the top 1 percent owns 40 percent of the wealth while the bottom 80 percent owns just 7 percent of the wealth.

Growing up in a single-parent household and as a struggling student, Schultz experienced the difficulties of living on a

minimum-wage income. As an economics professor, she agrees with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (not exactly a liberal) who told the National Association of Business Economists in February 2014, “I consider income inequality the most dangerous part of what’s going on in the United States,” according to the Fiscal Times.

Schultz understands the current minimum wage must be raised and indexed to inflation. She would work to expand the state earned income tax credit and would advocate for an expansion of the federal earned income tax credit as well as extending unemployment benefits. She’d advocate for a fairer tax code that doesn’t penalize income from wages relative to investment income.

I urge you to vote for Jennifer Schultz on Nov. 4.

John Thomas