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Reader's view: Israel is reaping what it sowed in Gaza

As we watch the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continue to escalate, Bibi Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, seems to want to return to the same quasi-peace with the Palestinians.

This means no peace. It means occupation at its worst, check points, and no end to harassment.

In addition, it means new settlements on stolen land for religious fanatics who believe all the land out of Israel belongs to them. That’s true right-wing extremism.

I lived in Israel for 10 years. I met wonderful people in Israel and in the Palestinian territories. I attended family lunches with an insightful Palestinian high school principal and his new bride in his Nazareth home. We never discussed politics.

Army officers and business people in Israel became good friends. There were frequent visits to an Armenian jeweler in the old city of Jerusalem whose family history went back 500 years. This store was a tour of history with handmade jewelry going to the store opening in the same building. Its 80-year-old telephone switchboard worked through 1999.

Today one country keeps another in bondage. There is no need to do this. Occupation is a double-edged sword for the occupied and the occupier.

Israel will not change. It will not give the Palestinians their own country. Palestine will have no freedom. Bibi Netanyahu will continue to steal land for new settlements.

Israelis will continue to give the grand illusion they are the victims, not the aggressors.

Peace may be a mirage to the players, but peace is the only answer to this ongoing conflict. Must new generations of Israelis and Palestinians continue to learn hate and mistrust, never really knowing each other?

The joining of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas was a direct failure of the last peace talks, which went nowhere. Israel, you reap what you sow.

Paul Love