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Reader's view: Candidates shortsighted in limiting health care

I’ve noticed political ads in which candidates say that if elected they’d get rid of Obamacare. Since they want to get rid of health care for millions of Americans, then I’m sure they also want to choose not to receive the excellent health care they’d get if elected. Getting rid of the new federal health care law would mean teenagers under some insurance policies would not be covered. Or maybe they’d have to pay higher rates because of a pre-existing condition called acne. Women possibly would be denied or made to pay a higher rate, too, because of a pre-existing condition called their menstrual cycle.

And since these candidates seem to want to cut out spending that means they will not be using their gym we taxpayers pay for.

I’d like to remind these candidates that the U.S. Supreme Court already ruled Obamacare was constitutional. They seem to have missed hearing that.

Cecilia Hill