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Reader's View: Gardner shows her concern for all Duluth families

Our family resides in Duluth’s 3rd District and is represented by City Councilor Sharla Gardner. While recovering from surgery, I was disappointed and saddened to read of an effort to recall our councilor. Although I did not know her personally when she was sworn into office in 2008, I am proud to say I have now voluntarily served the community with Councilor Gardner for more than two years.

Because this campaign to recall her feels very much like an attack on her character masquerading as issues with three of her votes, I feel compelled to share my own observations and thoughts concerning her service to our city.

I personally have witnessed her genuine concern for all Duluth families, especially those struggling. I have seen her strongly defend citizens at the mere mention of mistreatment. I have heard the compassion in her voice when she asked some tough questions and received even tougher answers. She is a fierce representative of the constituents of her entire district, and that is why we elected her.

Councilor Gardner is, however, like the rest of us, human and fallible. She readily admits there have been some difficult votes but that she did the best she could with the knowledge she had at the time. That’s the best we can ask of any elected official. In my observation, our councilor is attentive and receptive to concerns expressed by residents in her district. She takes the time to investigate the entire situation to have a good grasp on an issue before expressing an opinion.

She’s the councilor for a diverse population, and we’re confident she advocates for our best interest and our collective needs. If residents are dissatisfied with her performance, I urge them to make their vote count during next year’s election. I know I will.

Beth Wilde