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Reader's view: Not all skin cancers are ominous looking

I wanted to write and comment on the July 15 article, “How to select a sunscreen.” The pictures at the bottom of the article showed what melanoma can look like. In most articles on skin cancer I’ve read, similar pictures are included.

People should be aware, though, that not all skin cancers have this ominous appearance. Some can be very benign-

looking. I had a small, very light-colored spot of dry skin on my forehead that I thought nothing of. I went to see a dermatologist because of a dark, odd-looking spot on my back. The doctor took one look at the spot on my back and said it was nothing to be concerned about but then said, “But what’s that on your forehead?” He biopsied the area, and it was, in fact, cancerous.

It pays to have any changes in your skin’s appearance checked out — not only the dark,

dramatic-looking spots.

Tammy Davis

Solon Springs