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Reader's view: Gardner has represented her district well

As a long-time Park Point resident, I’d like to add my support for City Councilor Sharla Gardner. She has represented all of her district well these last few years.

It can’t be easy trying to please everybody. In fact, it has to be impossible. But I’ve always found Gardner to be available and easy to talk to. She is a person who stands by her convictions. She’s honest, probably to a fault. Is she perfect? Of course not, but who among us is? I didn’t agree with her on the Park Point S-curve issue. But when we sent her an email stating our view, she got right back to us explaining her side. I think she got some bad information on that issue from a small group that she took to be a majority of local residents. It is certainly not a reason for recall.

I remember attending a rally she organized in front of the old fire hall, trying to keep that open. She (and the residents) ultimately lost that one. But the suggestion that she didn’t try to save the fire hall is ridiculous.

All in all, Gardner has been a great councilor for this district. Hopefully she’ll realize it’s a small but vocal group that is aligned against her, and she’ll keep up the good work.

Steve Johnson