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Reader's View: God intends parents to be nurturers, protectors

How Christian are you?

Jesus gave us the commandment, “Love one another as I have loved you.” Following that direction, families were rooted in living to lovingly looking out for one another — and others as well. Today the abortion rate and divorce are just as high among Christians as among atheists. Many even start their own denominations to re-

adjust God’s law to suit their rejections.

Cruelty and degrading ways of killing so often are the heart of entertainment, hardening the hearts of the next generation. The Colosseum in Rome is now a sacred place because so many martyrs were killed there for the entertainment of large, screaming crowds. Life was made cheap. And that process has never ceased.

In athletics today people get injured in such sports as baseball and football, but injury is not the aim of the game. However, in boxing and professional wrestling, injury or degradation is the goal. Knocking one out always has its consequences. (Those in the military need to learn self-defense; thus they may learn boxing and the like.)

This cheapening mentality fits one ready to accept abortion and contraception as ways of getting others out of our way, which is no different than giving a thumbs down in the Colosseum.

President Barack Obama may not sit there ready to point thumbs down, but he seems to be doing all he can to spread abortion at taxpayer expense all over the world wherever he can spread American influence and money. I see no basic difference between him and Emperor Nero.

Good, honest mothers are intended by God to be loving nurturers, and fathers are intended to be protectors, with both being motivated by love and gentleness into giving priority over themselves to those dependent on them.

Father Richard Partika