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Reader's view: Conservatives care about ideology, not people

Conservatives and Republicans just can’t seem to help themselves. They want desperately to win the White House and have fought President Barack Obama on every front for the past six years.

After Obama’s re-election in 2012, the Republican Party declared it would have to do more to embrace women and the nation’s growing Hispanic population to win next time. So, how have Republicans responded? Congress has refused to pass immigration reform legislation, failing to even bring the Senate bill to a vote in the House. Obviously, the Republican leadership in the House is more concerned about Tea Party responses than Hispanic well-being and their vote potential.

The conservative-

controlled Supreme Court followed suit this month with an attack on women, denying many birth-control benefits as provided by the Affordable Care Act. In the Hobby Lobby case five conservative, male justices decided the 5-4 vote. Three of the four dissenting justices, not surprisingly, were women. Maybe, just maybe, the justices could have helped women when 98 percent of women through adulthood, irrespective of religious belief, have used contraceptives — but no.

The conservative-

dominated House of Representatives and conservative-

controlled Supreme Court have made clear their ideology comes first, people second.

Peter Boelter

North Branch, Minn.